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Fall Package Deals Now Available

Sweeney’s is now proud to offer Gutter Cleaning! Get ready for the Fall and Winter months by ensuring your gutters are free and clear from debris.

The team you trust to keep your pool areas clean, neat and free of foliage debris is ready to thoroughly clear your gutters with expert work!



Gutters that are full of debris cannot work properly to route the flow of water away from your home, and in time can damage the foundation of your home. Even just a small amount of debris can have damaging effects, and a large collection that’s been unaddressed for a long span of time can end up weighing several hundred pounds, leading to a much more costly situation in the long run.

If it is repairs you need, leave it to Sweeney’s! We are prepared to address the repair needs of your gutters, so give us a call today.

Call, text or drop us a line for information on pricing and scheduling your gutter cleaning!