Deciding to install an inground pool can be an exciting time, however, it can also be difficult when making decisions about certain aspects, such as salt water conversion systems. Below you’ll find the different benefits a saltwater conversion system can provide you and your family while enjoying your new pool this summer.
What is a Saltwater Conversion System?
This cleaning system sanitizes your swimming pool water by creating chlorine from regular table salt.
The Benefits of a Saltwater Conversion System
  1. Easier on the Skin and Eyes: many people develop skin and eye irritations in pools with high levels of chlorine. With a saltwater conversion system, there will be lower levels of chlorine, resulting in fewer irritations.
  2. There’s Less Maintenance: you’ll have to monitor chlorine levels no matter what type of system you use, however, a saltwater conversion system will give you that “hands-off” feel because the salt cell produces chlorine as needed.
  3. It’s Safer Than Chlorine: chlorine in tablet or liquid form can be quite hazardous, not only to store and transport, but also to your health. Chlorinated water can pose a threat to your long-term health, which may not apply to salt water at the same level.

  1. Lower Chlorine Levels: a saltwater system pool has less chlorine content to begin with, but because a saltwater conversion system produces chlorine naturally, it takes away the need to add additional chlorine to the system.
  2. It Has a “Soft Water” Feel: most people who have a water softener know how great it can make your water feel. A saltwater converter will mimic this same feel and will take away the abrasive feel a chlorine pool can give you.
  3. Lower Salt Levels: even though these are called saltwater pools, the level of salt is significantly less than that of the ocean. These pools actually have the same amount of salt as human tears, which means it’s safe for you to open your eyes while underwater.
  4. Installation is Easy: saltwater systems can be installed on most pools without changing any components of the filtration system. They are into the existing PVC systems and wired into the time clock.

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