Pool-themed Holiday Gifts to Add To Your List

Pool-themed Holiday Gifts to Add To Your List

So”fish”ticated Gifts for your Water Lover…

Although it may not feel like it, the holiday season is just around the corner. Now is the time to start thinking about not only what to get your loved ones during this festive time of year, but what you yourself might be wishing for this Christmas. Perhaps you’ll get your grandma that bracelet she’s had her eye on. Maybe your dad has been hinting about getting a new television set for the family rec room. Is your mom’s ideal Christmas present a weekend away at a spa resort?
While these are all wonderful gift suggestions both for you to give to others and to receive yourself, it’s also a great idea to add fun pool accessories like this amazing USBrechargeable light to your list for Santa this year. That may seem surprising to you; after all, one summer just concluded, and the next one is a long way away! But when you give the gift of pool accessories this holiday season, you aren’t just giving that special someone something practical that they can use this summer; you are giving them a reminder that plenty of sunshine and days by the pool will arrive before you know it. Here are a few ideas that will surely be on our holiday shopping lists this year.
Pool Shock
Before you can enjoy time in the pool, you need to make sure your pool is in the best possible condition for endless summer swims. When your pool starts to smell like a hotel pool, it’s time to shock your water. Your pool actually shouldn’t smell like anything when the water is balanced. This chemical smell means your sanitizer level is too low and is no longer doing its job.
Algae Brush
When you’re dealing with a bad case of pool algae, the first step will be to scrub it off the pool’s surfaces.An algae brush has stainless steel bristles that will easily break algae’s hold

Pool Speakers

Floating Pool Speakers
Floating pool speakers are everyone’s answer to what music goes best during a summer swim -now you just have to decide who’s playlist you’ll put on during your pool parties. These speakers make it easy to connect Spotify, Pandora or iTunes on your phone to the Bluetooth device on the speakers and some speakers even have fun lights!
Pool Game Station
This floating game station has two floats, a game table AND drink holders! Perfect for a day of chilling out in the pool. You can even buy plastic waterproof playing cards to compliment your new toy!
Volleyball Net
The perfect gift for a family that enjoys being a little competitive. Being in the pool is all about fun and games; buying a floating volleyball net this holiday season is a great way to get excited for the many matches you are sure to have this summer.
So, this year, as you’re making your holiday shopping list and checking it twice), be sure to include plenty of pool accessories. Receiving both practical and fun pool accessories under your Christmas tree is a great reminder that the warm season will be here before you know it. If that thought doesn’t keep you cozy on a warm winter’s night, we don’t know what will!
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