Yes, you love your yard the way it is…but there’s always room for improvement, right? If that’s how you’re feeling, then you are not alone. It seems that people everywhere are calling pool builders and other professionals to make their yards more friendly for entertaining. Let’s look at three great reasons to update your yard and maybe even build your swimming pool!

1. Add a Swimming Pool!

Pool contractors will tell you that a really good reason to add a pool to your property is for your overall health and general well-being. Swimming has great benefits and is wonderful exercise! It gives a great cardiovascular workout, since it is more difficult to move in water than it is to move through air. Water is much denser than air, actually ten times denser, so the increased resistance translates to a fantastic workout. Pool builders are often able to help with spas, as well, should you decide to add a spa to your yard area. And just think, if you add a swimming pool, you will be able to have a pool opening party every spring when you are opening your pool, and you can host swimming pool closing parties every fall…and more!

2. Add an Outdoor Kitchen!

One of the most popular features to add to outdoor property has to do with cooking and cuisine. In fact, there is some data which indicates that barbecues or grills are one of the top three selections when homeowners are making improvements their yards and outdoor areas. Clearly, people enjoy an outdoor kitchen area!

3. Add to Your Property Value!

It is a fact: improving your yard has financial benefits. For most of us, if not all of us, this is the bottom line. There are definitely financial benefits to adding a pool or a kitchen to update your yard. Dramatic lighting, pools, spas, water features, and kitchens are all fantastic and add to the value of your property. For instance, the value of your home can rise by up to 7%, just by adding a pool! Now that is a great ROI, isn’t it? In addition, it has been reported that a homeowner can expect to see an average return on investment of between 100-200% when the yard is updated with an outdoor kitchen.

Whether you live in an area where you can enjoy your backyard year-round, or not, one thing is true: we all enjoy coming home to a slice of paradise when we get home after a long day. So, if you are thinking about updating your yard and your home, professionals such as landscapers, pool builders and home improvement specialists are available to help make your dream a reality. Isn’t it time to make the call and get started?