Summer is almost here, and nothing says summer quite like a swimming pool. In fact, swimming is considered the fourth-most-popular activity in the United States.

But before you go about installing a swimming pool on your property, it’s important to first consider the most common swimming pool mistakes so you know how you can avoid them.

That said, here are three things you don’t want to do when you’re installing a swimming pool this summer.

  1. Forgetting about pool size and placement. When you’re installing a swimming pool on your property, the size of the pool and its location is vital. Make sure the area where the pool is going is even and that there’s enough room around where the pool will be for people to walk around. You also want to be sure there’s room for poolside furniture.
  2. Focusing more on aesthetics than function. Choosing your pool is a lot like choosing a couch. You want to be sure it suits your functional needs, not just your style. If you’re building a pool for family and friends, safety ought to be your biggest concern. In contrast, if you’re building a pool for you and your partner with a few friends in mind, you might want more exciting features.
  3. Forgetting about maintenance and upkeep. A swimming pool comes with a lot of responsibility, and it’s worth it for the fun that pools offer. Don’t assume your pool is going to clean itself or that you don’t need to do your research before you clean it. Certain chemicals, like shock, can’t be added directly to the water because it can bleach clothes and damage your vinyl liner.

Ready to build your swimming pool?

Up to 36% of children between the ages of seven and 17 and 15% of adults go swimming approximately six times every year. If you and your family love to swim and you’re ready to begin your swimming pool installation, Sweeney’s Pool Services is the place for you.

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