Many homeowners long to have a swimming pool in their yard as a central recreation spot. A pool is also critical for exercising. To illustrate, 60 minutes of intense swimming will see you burn 650 calories, which is more than you do while biking or walking.


Inground pool liners are essential for your pool as they provide a smooth surface on which the water can lie. Over time, however, the liner will break down. Sunlight’s ultraviolet rays will leave the liner brittle and weak on top of fading its color. Chlorine is another agent that will bleach and weaken your pool liner in time. Here are some things to weigh when it’s time for your pool liner replacement.


1. The Color


When you’re considering a pool liner replacement, visual factors strongly come into play. Color is one of the two main visual determinants of the type of pool liner you end up picking. The color of the liner is critical because it sets the stage for the rest of your yard decor.


For example, if you choose to go with a spectacularly colored pool liner, you will need to carry that design and color theme over to the rest of your yard. Conversely, if you feel that a conservatively colored pool liner is what works for you, then your yard design will be limited to the same theme for it to flow.


Deep blue is the most popular color for pool liners. People associate this color with water in general. If you decide to deck your swimming pool with a deep blue liner you need to know that it absorbs sunlight, which can help warm your pool water. Deep blue also hides dirt better but is liable to fade as chlorine and ultraviolet sun rays damage it over time.


Hot on the heels of dark blue as a popular pool liner color is light blue. A light blue pool liner replacement could be advantageous as it doesn’t show signs of bleaching via sunlight degradation like deep blue does. That resistance to fading is why it is such a popular choice for many a pool liner installation company. Other popular pool liner color choices include aqua and vivid blue.


2. The Pattern


The other essential visual determinant that will likely influence your pool liner replacement is the pattern of the liner. Your choice of pattern will depend on what color you decide to go with. But generally speaking, there is a bevy of options to help you blend your liner’s color and design. Pool liners come with tile border patterns and you can coordinate it with the deck (if you know what it will look like) to make it pop.


However, not all tile border patterns will appease your taste. In such a case, all you need to do is to ask the pool liner installation company in Suffolk County to remove the border pattern for you.


3. The Texture


In some liner replacements, the texture of the material will be an essential factor. When you’re going for vinyl pool liner, for example, you need to figure out how it will feel when anyone steps over it. Embossed vinyl pool liner tends to deliver better traction underfoot which means that anyone climbing over the steps to get into the pool (such as children and seniors) will be safe.


4. The Warranty


Almost any pool liner you will buy will come with a warranty. A liner warranty is not standard across the industry. So you will need to determine which one is best for you using ‘mil’ (which is not a standard measuring unit and can be embellished). Read the warranty over carefully for hidden information such as if the warranty will be prorated after a few years of initial use.


Pick the Right Pool Liner


The right pool liner will provide a smooth surface for the water to lie on and for you to step on while using the pool. During your pool liner replacement, consider the visual and non-visual factors to pick the right design and material for your pool.