Is your vinyl pool liner shrinking or torn? Or is it faded and pulling away from its corners? Then it’s time for your pool liner to get replaced. But what lining does your pool liner installation company use? This post presents to you five popular pool liner replacement options besides Vinyl – which is one of the most popular pool lining options.


What’s The Purpose Of A Pool Liner?


The pool liners assist in containing water within the pool. The liners also improve the appearance of your pool. Vinyl-lined pools are the most popular pools, but there are other options such as cement, tile, Gunite, and fiberglass.


Vinyl pool liners


Vinyl pool liners make your pool beautiful and sparkly, and they also ensure that the pool water stays within the pool. There are many benefits that you can reap from installing a vinyl-lined pool. Almost any pool liner installation company can recommend a Vinyl-lined pool for busy pools because they’re easy to clean and maintain.


If you’re planning a remodel that involves pool liner replacement, then Vinyl is the way to go because Vinyl tiles are affordable. Even with the damage, Vinyl liner replacement is affordable and also less time-consuming. The warranties offered on such tiles are favorable, and they can take on almost all pool lining designs.


Why Does Your Pool Liner Installation Company Use Gunite Pool Liners?


Gunite-lined pools are a close mimicry of cement-lined swimming pools. Such pools use the pouring method where the gunite mixture gets poured into a hole in the ground. Gunite takes the shape of the hole, and this grants homeowners a variety of choices of pre-formed shapes. Unlike cement pools, gunite pools often get a plaster finish.


Most pool owners often accompany the pool with wooden decking, and a concrete patio surrounds most of the gunite pools. If you’re looking for a long-lasting pool liner, then Gunite is the best option for you because it lasts longer than vinyl-lined and concrete pools. But remember gunite-lined pools need a plaster refinish after every 15 years.


Tile Pool Liners


Tiled pools are a popular option for in-ground pools. But tiled pools often need a protective sealing. Pool installers often seal the tiles with a waterproof coating to curb any potential leaks. Tiles allow you to custom-design the interior lining of your pool with a mix of textures and varied colors.


Unlike vinyl-lined swimming pools, tiled pools show more resilience. The only challenge with such a kind of lining is that tiled lining pool installation and repair is a little expensive.


Fiberglass Pool Liners


You can make fiberglass pools from pre-formed fabricated material. Most of the fiberglass pools come in pre-defined shapes and sizes determined by the manufacturer. As such, homeowners don’t have much of a choice to make.


Fiberglass pools are mass-produced, and this implies that these pools cost less than cement, Gunite, Vinyl, or tiled swimming pools. These pools are also helpful to homeowners because they need less maintenance than cement and gunite pools. Also, fiberglass pools use fewer chemicals, such as chlorine and alkali.


Cement-Lined Pools


Cement-lined pools are also an alternative to Vinyl and other pool liners. Any pool liner installation company that constructs such pools has to make a hole in the ground and prepare a cement mixture before pouring it into the hole. The hole in the ground serves as a forming mold.


Both cement and Gunite give the homeowner great freedom in designing the shape of the pool. The cement pools need more maintenance than tiled or vinyl-lined pools. Such pools often need an acid wash to remove stains from the interior surfaces of the pool.


There are five popular pool lining options, and the choice that you make as a pool liner installation company relies on various factors. These factors may include cost, flexibility in molding, maintenance needs, and durability, among others. As such, you should make a clear list of all your needs before choosing to avoid getting into a messy situation.


Swimming takes the fourth position in the ranking of the most popular past-time or sporting activities in the U.S. Take advantage of these five lining options and give your pool a new look.