According to the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals, in the United States, there are nearly 10.4 million residential and public swimming pools. For those who have, or are looking to install a pool at their home, you need to know the benefits that can come from vinyl pool liner installation. Vinyl has many advantages over other commonly used materials, which makes it both an affordable and highly customizable option.

The Top Four Benefits of Vinyl Pool Liners

  1. Quick Installation
    A swimming pool company can quickly and easily install a vinyl liner, much faster than alternative options. Whereas concrete, for example, can take weeks, or even months to finish installing, vinyl can be completely installed by a swimming pool company in about a week! This is perfect if you’re building your pool during the summer and want to start enjoying it as soon as possible. Additionally, vinyl is much more affordable than concrete options, making it a good alternative if you’re not looking to break the bank with your pool.
  2. Perfect for Cold Climates
    Concrete pools can be susceptible to freezing and thawing cycles that come with being in colder climates. This can lead to cracking and other issues that decrease the longevity of your swimming pool. Vinyl liners typically use a steel or polymer shell that prevents excess contracting or expanding, mitigating the risk of damage due to temperature fluctuations.
  3. Low Maintenance
    While vinyl pools do have maintenance needs, there are fewer than with concrete options. Because they are smooth, there is a lower chance of contaminating buildup which can allow you to maintain cleaner water. Keep in mind that you will want to check which cleaning chemicals you can use with these liners. This can help extend the life of your liner and ensure that you can enjoy them for much longer.
  4. Smooth to the Touch
    Vinyl is also easier on hands and feet than concrete. This helps prevent scrapes and cuts that could otherwise happen if you were to fall or slip on the rough cement.

Vinyl pool liners have many advantages over traditional concrete options, and these are just four of the most significant. If you are interested in vinyl options, reach out to a swimming pool company and see what they can do for you!