In the United States, swimming comes in at number four on the list of the most popular athletic activities. Understandably, many families enjoy having an in-ground swimming pool in their backyard. If you’re thinking about hiring a professional swimming pool company — whether to install a new pool or a new pool liner in your existing pool — you should take all the time you need to research contractors.

You need an experienced, highly reputable swimming pool contractor that will work with your specific design ideas. Any good contractor will provide a free consultation so that you have a chance to ask questions and learn about their experience. Here are the steps you should take to find the best contractor.


1. Talk with the Contractor in Person

First, call up a swimming pool contractor to get a sense of their experience and customer service. Next, make an appointment to talk with a technician face to face, so that you can ask further questions about the contractor’s experience. Keep in mind that their work goes beyond the initial installation or repair; they should also be available for later maintenance, such as replacing the pool liner. If they are at all reluctant to discuss previous jobs or provide references and certifications, you should contact another contractor.


2. View Examples of Past Work

If you’re going to commit to the cost of an in-ground swimming pool, it’s wise to take a look at examples of the contractor’s work on previous installations. Discuss your ideas for pool design in detail with the contractor and request examples of recent comparable projects. Photos may suffice, but find out if it’s possible to visit homes (or take a drive through a neighborhood) and see some of the pools they’ve installed in your area.


3. Check References From Previous Clients

Talking with homeowners who have hired the contractor to install their pool is the best method of learning about the contractor’s experience and service. Some questions you should ask:

    • Was the pool installed in a timely manner?
    • Is the pool functioning properly?
    • Did the contractor stay within your budget?
    • Did you encounter any complications with the installation process? If you did, how did the contractor deal with these complications?
    • Did the contractor return for necessary maintenance, such as repairing or replacing the pool liner?

Your contractor should provide several references from recent satisfied customers who will be willing to speak with you over the phone. Don’t forget to look online for reviews, as well.


4. Find Out if the Contractor is Licensed and Insured

Your pool should be installed by an insured and licensed contractor. If they don’t have proper insurance, you may have to pay extra if problems arise during the installation. If they aren’t licensed and insured, you may be responsible for injuries sustained by their employees during the project. Make sure the contractor is licensed and insured before the installation begins. In addition, be aware that different cities and states may have different laws regarding license and insurance for contractors, so learn about the regulations in your area.


5. Get On the Same Design Page

You may have a design concept that involves complicated landscaping or working a new pool into the existing landscape. An exceptional pool contractor should be able to handle and fully understand your concept. They should be eager to work with your ideas and flexible with regard to your specific wishes, unless what you’re thinking of is unrealistic or unworkable. Make sure that the contractor you use can bring your vision to life (or that they’re able to come up with a concept you love).


6. Meet with Your Contractor

Once you’ve chosen a swimming pool contractor, meet with them again in person so that you can finalize details about your concept, agree on an estimate for the cost, and ask questions about the particulars of the installation process. Find out if the contractor provides maintenance, such as replacement of the pool liner, as well as warranties or guarantees on work performed. If a contractor tries to push you into signing a contract on the spot, find someone else. Before you sign, you should have:

    • A clear understanding of how your pool design will appear
    • A handle on the contractor’s experience in pool installation
    • An accurate estimate
    • An estimate of the time frame for completion


Installing a new pool or replacing the pool liner on an existing pool is no small undertaking. You will save time, money, and frustration by hiring the best installation contractor you can find in your area. Our company has extensive installation experience, all of the proper certifications, and exceptional customer service. We will work closely with you through the entire process, from concept to completion. Call our team today to get started.