Overlap liners are common choices for above ground pools. Why? They easily drape over the side of your pool and then are connected securely to the side of the pool. Our professional pool liner installation company has created this helpful guide to help you install an overlap liner, but this guide does not replace instructions you may have from the manufacturer. Contacting a pool liner installation professional can help ensure the process goes off without a hitch, making sure you have the right size and pattern liner that you need.


Prepare the Liner


It is recommended that you install a pool liner when it is warm out. This is because colder temperatures will cause the material to contract and you will want to make sure the material is easy to work with, as well as stretchable. Too low of a temperature can cause cracking and too warm of temperatures can cause tears. Keep this in mind when you are considering storing your pool liner.


Look on the box of the pool liner to ensure that you have purchased the correct one, according to size and color. When you take the liner out of the box you will want to make sure that you do so carefully, as you would not want to damage the liner. Unfold the liner outside, making sure to first clear the area of debris. Installation protocol will depend on the shape of your pool.




Your next steps will depend on the shape of your pool, as instructions vary depending on size and shape. This means that an oval shaped pool will have different instructions than a round shaped pool. For both shapes, you will want to enlist help or utilize clips. This is when pool builders will especially come in handy for pool liner replacement, as they will be able to complete this process for you. In both instances, you will want to install a portion of the liner over the top of the pool wall.


Fill the Pool


Once the liner has been installed correctly, you can then begin filling the pool with water. Keep your eyes on the pool walls when you are filling up the pool, especially if you are filling up the pool quickly. This is because liners are designed to stretch quite slowly. Your swimming pool company should have provided you with an installation manual so that you can properly install your liner and fill your pool.


Swimming pools are able to boost your home’s value by up to 7%. Our expertly trained team of professionals know the ins and outs of pool liner replacement and are here to answer any questions or concerns you may have about the process. Our dedication pool builders can walk you through the process and assist in any areas you need. Contact the team today for all your pool liner replacement needs.