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When using Sweeney’s Pool Service Inc. you can be rest assured that a licensed professional will be servicing your pool.  This is so important because it verifies that our technicians are trained the correct way and can handle any situation that comes up.  Almost every pool owner at some point will encounter a leak at the filter site, inside the pool, and sometimes under the ground in the plumbing lines.

Filter Site Leaks

Most of the time a leak at the filter site can be fixed quickly and easily because the leak is visible.

This is possible because our service vehicles our equipped with a wide selection of PVC pipe, gaskets, & fittings. 

With some glue & primer we can repair the damaged PVC with new materials.  All of our materials are certified for swimming pools and can handle the high pressure water flow.

Light Leaks

Many times the pool light can be the culprit of leaks. The conduit can be cracked or even small fractures or cracks in the light housing could be present.

We use professional grade 2-part epoxy to properly fix the leak. In cases of severe damage, the entire light housing will need to be replaced.

Vinyl Liner Leaks

When there is a leak inside the pool, especially in-ground pools which carry a large volume of water, the task of finding a leak can be quite tedious. With new technology in the industry, finding a leak in a vinyl pool can be done efficiently and effectively.

We carry the LeakTrac 2400 by Anderson Equipment (a leading manufacturer of leak detection tools) to find even the smallest pin hole in the vinyl liner.  This equipment pin points leaks by putting a small square voltage charge throughout the pool. This flow of electricity will always go to ground.

A small hole or tear in the vinyl is a ground (leak). Once the hole or tear is identified, the technician can properly patch the liner. It is important to hire a pool professional with the proper equipment.

Many companies out there can identify that you are losing water and then advise you to call a leak expert. That is a waste of your money and valuable time.

We can solve the problem on-site allowing you to get back to swimming and enjoying the summer.

Under-ground Leaks

If you notice that the pool is losing a lot more water only while the filtration system is running and the filter site is leak-free, there is a high chance the leak is under the ground. 

At this point a pressure test is the best option to verify which line is leaking. A basic pool set-up contains skimmers, return lines, and main drains. We are able to narrow it down by closing each line with plugs and introducing water pressure into the line to see if it holds pressure.

Most of the time if there is a leak the pressure will drop right away, however if the leak is very tiny it could take a few minutes before the pressure slowly drops. This is why having a trained professional who has performed these tests many times is important. We are able to properly diagnose which line is leaking and then perform the necessary course of actions to fix the leak.

Sometimes we can verify if the leak as at prone locations of the equipment like at the elbow of the skimmers so we don’t have to replace the whole plumbing line. This is a budget-friendly fix, however is not the preferred method because in most cases if one location is leaking then the rest of the line will potentially leak in the near future do to wear and tear.

The correct course of action is to replace the whole plumbing line from the filter site to the wall fitting. Using Schedule 40 PVC will ensure longevity of the plumbing lines.

Professional Certified Diver Available. If there is a leak, we will find it!

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