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When using Sweeney’s Pool Service Inc. you can be rest assured that a licensed professional will be servicing your pool. Our maintenance technicians are completely trained from water chemistry to understanding your filtration system.  Almost anyone can set up a vacuum and clean your pool, but the question is do they understand how to properly test your water, and then calculate what chemicals to add.  Each of our maintenance technicians are personally trained by one of our lead technicians so they can properly evaluate your filtration system and test your water.  This way they can foresee any problems in the near future. Most companies train their employee to vacuum the pool and skim the water, however when it comes to the most important part of the service, they just aren’t trained. Therefore, they cannot solve issues like cloudiness or reoccurring algae. We make sure each of our technicians can properly solve any of these issues so you can enjoy your swimming pool.

Please be sure to ask about our complete summer packages that include all chemicals with service. Chemicals at local retail stores are very expensive. We are able to buy these chemicals in bulk and therefore pass the savings onto the customer!

Pay in full for the entire summer up front and save 10%

Weekly Maintenance Includes:

  • Vacuum entire pool, including steps.

  • Brush walls, tile line, and slope.

  • Empty skimmer baskets (inspect baskets for any cracks – very important).

  • Skim top of pool with net.

  • Adjust eye balls so they are leaving a nice ripple effect on surface of water & facing skimmers.

  • Check pump basket is clean of debris.

  • Check psi of filter (when pressure is 8-10 psi higher than normal start-up pressure, then it’s time to backwash).

  • Filters that need to be backwashed (sand & DE filters) will be identified on invoice for future records.  Diatomaceous Earth filters will be re-charged with DE powder once the backwashing process is completed.

  • Filter site will be thoroughly checked for any visible leaks.  Simple leaks that just require lubrication of gaskets or to tighten a fitting will be performed on site.  If something is more complicated, the office will be contacted right away by the maintenance technician, so we can set up a service call with one of our lead technicians.

  • Chlorinators will be filled with slow dissolving chlorine tablets so they last until next visit.

  • Full chemical analysis.

  • Chemicals added depending on test results & total swimming pool gallons.

  • A complete invoice of all work performed along with chemical results will be left with customer.

  • Enjoy your pool!


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