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We are an authorized dealer and installer of Loop Loc safety covers the best quality in the industry.

When using Sweeney’s Pool Service Inc. you can be rest assured that a licensed professional will be servicing your pool. This is so important because it verifies that our technicians are trained the correct way and can handle any situation that comes up.  Safety covers have become more affordable in the past few years, giving homeowners the option to upgrade from their old water bag covers. 

Water bag covers are extremely dangerous, especially for families with children & pets.  They are costly because many times the cover will only last one season before the material splits and allows all the pool water to rise on top of the cover.  They also require water bags to be placed around the entire perimeter, which also break each season from animals damaging them and from the harsh winter elements. 

Once these water bags break the cover will potentially fall into the pool when snow or heavy rainfall arrives. This could cause thousands of dollars of damage to your pool liner while making it unsafe for your family. Therefore, if you add up over a 10 year period of replacing the cover each year or every 2 years along with the water bags, you could have purchased a Loop Loc safety cover which can last up to 15 years when maintained properly. It doesn’t matter what the shape of your pool is, we can design a custom cover to fit your swimming pool and protect your most valuable investment your family.

Safety Cover Installation Includes:

  • A trained professional will come to your home and measure your pool with precision.

  • Whether you have paving stones, cement, grass, plain soil or dirt around the perimeter of your pool, we can accommodate to your needs. We use brass anchors as hardware to secure into cement.  If you have paving stones or soil, we use aluminum pipe with anchors to secure the hardware. This is important because it provides leverage and strength to the cover.

  • The hardware is drilled with a hammer drill or core drill depending on the application. We are equipped with the best equipment in the business to ensure a smooth installation.

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  • While the hardware is being installed, the cover is being attached with stainless steel springs for maximum strength & safety.

  • Cover is completely installed and straps are adjusted for the right tension, the job site is cleaned up (concrete dust from drilling) so doesn’t cause any damage to surrounding areas.

  • Once the job is complete, the lead mechanic will leave a fully detailed invoice with the customer & answer any questions.


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